Pharmacy Technician Schools – Complete Guide

Choosing the right pharmacy technician training program is something you need to take very seriously. The school you choose will influence greatly you further career.

Online vs. In-Campus

The first thing you need to think of is a type of program you would like to attend – whether it will be online program or ground schools. Online courses are a great choice for those who already work full-time and think on switching careers. There’s also a difference in tuition cost – ground schools are more expensive, yet are easier to find job after, and can sometimes offer scholarships. Below is a brief comparison of what to expect from both:

Easy-to-start and cheaper option. With strong commitment and readiness for self-education, still provides with skills required on a real job.Provides better credibility & quality. Employers take it more seriously, easier to find job after completion, be certified or licensed.
LocationCan be taken anywhere.Should be taken in campus only.
Tuition cost$2300 (average)$10300 (average)
Duration6 months (average)18 months (average)
Career outlookHighVery High