New Hampshire Pharmacy Technician Requirements

Do Pharmacy Technicians get regulated in New Hampshire?

Yes, Pharmacy Technicians do get regulated in New Hampshire.


Is certification required for one to practice as a Pharmacy Technician in New Hampshire?

No, certification is not a requirement in New Hampshire to practice as a Pharmacy technician.

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What are the approved certification exams required by the State Board of Pharmacy in New Hampshire?

The approved certification exams include PTCB (PTCE) and/or ICPT (ExCPT).


When is registration required for Pharmacy Technician?

Pharmacy Technician must apply and receive registration prior to employment.


Is Pharmacy Technician licensure required in New Hampshire?

Yes, a license is required by the New Hampshire State Board of Pharmacy to practice as a pharmacy technician in their area.


What should I do to become a License Pharmacy Technician?

  • You have to be at least 18 years old or older.
  • One must have a high school diploma or its equivalent or is currently working on getting one.
  • Applicant should have no felony or misdemeanor convictions particularly drug-related charges.
  • You must submit a written application requesting registration as a Pharmacy Technician at the New Hampshire State Board of Pharmacy.
  • Include the $25 registration fee either in money order or check.
  • Must complete a training program under the supervision of the pharmacist-in-charge at the pharmacy where you are employed.


Is training required for Pharmacy Technicians in New Hampshire?

Yes, training is required for pharmacy technicians and will be supervised by the pharmacist–in-charge. A record of the training must be kept in the pharmacy.


Are Pharmacy Technicians required to have a Continuing Education or CE?  

No, pharmacy technicians are not required by the New Hampshire State Board of Pharmacy to have continuing education.


How often is the Pharmacy Technician License renewal required?

Licenses for pharmacy technician expire March 31 and must be renewed annually. The renewal fee is $25. To get an application, you may contact the pharmacy board by email at or call 603-271-2350.


What must be done if I change jobs or change my home address?

Change in address or job must be reported to the New Hampshire State Board of Pharmacy within 15 days in writing via email (, mail or fax.


Other New Hampshire Pharmacy Technician requirements to keep in mind:

  • Pharmacy technicians can only perform pharmacy functions that do not require professional judgment.
  • The pharmacist-in-charge is responsible for all the actions of the pharmacy technician.



State of New Hampshire Board of Pharmacy 

Office:             57 Regional Drive. Concord, NH 03301
Telephone:    603-271-2350 Fax: 603-271-2856

Professional Association for New Hampshire Pharm Techs: 
New Hampshire Pharmacists Association