South Carolina Pharmacy Technician Requirements

Do Pharmacy Technicians get regulated in South Carolina?

Yes, they do not regulate Pharmacy Technicians in South Carolina.


Is certification required for one to practice as Pharmacy Technician in South Carolina?

Yes, South Carolina State Board of Pharmacy requires both the national and state certification to pharmacy technicians. You may register and work as a pharmacy technician while processing the national and state certification.

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What are the approved certification exams required by the State Board of Pharmacy in South Carolina?

The approved certification exams are PTCB (PTCE).


When is registration required to Pharmacy Technicians?

Pharmacy Technician must apply and receive the proof of registration prior to employment.


Is Pharmacy Technician licensure required in South Carolina?

Yes, the South Carolina State Board of Pharmacy does require Pharmacy Technicians to obtain license.


What should I do to become a License Pharmacy Technician?

  • You have to be at least 18 years old or older.
  • Must have a high school diploma or its equivalent or enrolled in a program.
  • As a registered technician with limited responsibilities you must complete 1000 hours work.
  • You must complete a Board-Approved pharmacy technician training program.
  • You must submit a written application requesting registration as a Pharmacy Technician (Tech O or Tech II) at the South Carolina State Board of Pharmacy. Download application here.
  • Include the non-refundable $40 registration fee.
  • Submit a copy of your social security card.
  • Include the Affidavit of Eligibility and make sure it is completely filled out.


Is training required for Pharmacy Technicians in South Carolina?

Yes, pharmacy technicians are required to complete and pass the Board-Approved training program.


Are Pharmacy Technicians required to have a Continuing Education or CE?  

Yes, Pharmacy Technicians are required to complete a 10-hour continuing education by ACPE (American Council on Pharmaceutical Education) or CME-approved continuing education courses every renewal period (1 year). The 4 hours must be on lectures, workshops or seminars. For those with national certification, they are required 20 units of continuing education every 2 years.


How often is the Pharmacy Technician License renewal required?

Pharmacy technician license should be renewed annually. Registration expires June 30 every year. Renewal fee is $15.


What must be done if I change jobs or change my home address?

Change of address or job should be reported in writing to the South Carolina State Board of Pharmacy using the forms here.


More good to know requirements for Pharmacy Technicians in South Carolina:

  • Technicians must carry their wallet-sized pharmacy technician registration cards at all times and display the license in the pharmacy of employment.
  • Pharmacy technicians can only perform pharmacy functions that do not require professional judgment.
  • All actions of the pharmacy technician are under the look out of the supervising pharmacist or pharmacy-in-charge.
  • The ratio of supervising pharmacist and pharmacy technician is 1:2 but may be increased to 1:3 if two of them are Board-Approved certified technicians.



South Carolina Department of Labor Licensing and Regulation — Board of Pharmacy 

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Professional Association for South Carolina Pharmacy Technicians: 
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