Vermont Pharmacy Technician Requirements

Do Pharmacy Technicians get regulated in Vermont?

Yes, they do regulate Pharmacy Technicians in Vermont.


Is certification required for one to practice as Pharmacy Technician in Vermont?

No, certification is not required by the Vermont State Board of Pharmacy for one to practice as a Pharmacy Technician. However, a lot of employers require certification.

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What are the approved certification exams required by the State Board of Pharmacy in Vermont?

There are no approved certification exams in Vermont, but know that there are many employers requiring certification.


When is registration required by Vermont State Board of Pharmacy to Pharmacy Technicians?

Registration is required before practicing as a pharmacy technician in Vermont and also to cashiers, delivery people, or anyone with access to the prescription department.


Is Pharmacy Technician registration required in Vermont?

Yes, the Vermont State Board of Pharmacy does require Pharmacy Technicians to obtain registration before working in a pharmacy.


Is training required for Pharmacy Technicians in Vermont?

No, pharmacy technicians are not required to undergo training.


What should I do to become a License Pharmacy Technician?

  • A written application requesting registration as a pharmacy technician must be submitted to the Vermont State Board of Pharmacy.
  • Must pay the application fee of $50, non-refundable.
  • A copy of your training certification as a Pharmacy Technician (indicate place of acquisition) must be provided to the State Board. However, formal training is not required in the State of Vermont.


Are Pharmacy Technicians required to have a Continuing Education or CE?  

No, Registered Pharmacy Technicians are not required continuing education.


How often is the Pharmacy Technician renewal required?

Registered Pharmacy technician must renew their license on a fixed 24-month period that is every 31 of July of odd-numbered years. Initial registration issued more than 90 days prior to the renewal date is required to renew and pay the renewal fee.


What must be done if I change jobs or change my home address?

You may change your address or job by obtaining the form from its website division or click here.

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Professional Association for Vermont pharmacy technicians: 
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