West Virginia Pharmacy Technician Requirements

What are the approved certification exams required by the State Board of Pharmacy in West Virginia?

The approved certification exam in West Virginia is ICPT (ExCPT).


Is certification required for Pharmacy Technicians in West Virginia?

Certification for Pharmacy technicians is completely voluntary. However, having an ExCPT certification is nationally recognized hence providing you wider marketability.

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Is Pharmacy Technician registration required in West Virginia?

Yes, the West Virginia State Board of Pharmacy does require Pharmacy Technicians to obtain registration before working in a pharmacy.


Is training required for Pharmacy Technicians in West Virginia?

Yes. The National Pharmacy Technician Training Program is required by the board and must be submitted by the pharmacy as part of its Board approval request. A Board approved training program must be completed by a technician trainee.


What should I do to become a License Pharmacy Technician?

  • Applicant must be at least 18 years old.
  • Applicant must have a high school diploma or its equivalent.
  • Must be certified or completed a pharmacy technician training program that is board approved.
  • Must submit an application to the Board of Pharmacy including payment of $25.


Are Pharmacy Technicians required to have a Continuing Education or CE?  

The West Virginia State Board of Pharmacy does not require continuing education to pharmacy technicians.


How often is the Pharmacy Technician License renewal required?

Pharmacy technician license should be renewed annually on the 1st of July with a renewal fee of $30.



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