What is Pharmacy Technician School Cost?

The cost of your pharmacy technician degree will vary mainly on factors: type of program (online or in-campus) and its duration.

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Online programs

Online schools are significantly cheaper since the cost of providing such a degree a low for the school – they don’t need to pay for equipment, arrange contracts with pharmacies so that their students are placed there for externship, etc. At the same time, they offer a well-designed curriculum and provide all the benefits of learning on own pace – you can combine your training with full-time employment. Pharmacy technician degree from such a school usually costs $500-$800 and takes up to 6 months to accomplish.

Campus-based programs

Ground schools are more expensive, but have a number of very considerable advantages. First, they combine theory with real-life practical training. More importantly, they have much better facilities and training in such a school usually gives better result. Such schools have arrangements with local pharmacies, hospitals and other facilities where their students undergo practical training.

Employers like diplomas of campus-based schools much more and expect their candidates to have one. Usually, it will cost you around $3,000-$4,000 per year. Depending on the institution, you can get a certificate or diploma in 1 year, or associate degree in 2 years. Of course, such degree will offer better skills and therefore, job prospects will be higher.

Scholarships, Grants, Financial Aid

First, online schools don’t offer any scholarships or grants, mainly because their tuition cost is low already. In addition, students of online schools are not eligible for federal-funded financial aid. Anyway, it’s still possible to obtain some sort of help from private institutions like associations of pharmacy technicians, etc.

There are much more financing options in ground schools. These colleges often provide financial aid by themselves. Also, it’s possible to obtain government-funded help. Private organizations and individuals are happy to offer you help if you are going to attend a campus-based program, as it shows your high level of commitment.

ROI of your degree

Even if you won’t be able to get some kind of financial help, return of investment you will get for the money paid for training is tremendous – median annual salary is $32,100. Pharmacy technician graduates usually have zero student debt.