New Jersey Pharmacy Technician Requirements

Do Pharmacy Technicians get regulated in New Jersey?

Yes, Pharmacy Technicians do get regulated in New Jersey.


Is certification required for one to practice as Pharmacy Technician in New Jersey?

No, pharmacy technician certification is not required by the New Jersey State Board of Pharmacy.

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What are the approved certification exams required by the State Board of Pharmacy in New Jersey?

The approved certification exams include PTCB (PTCE) and/or ICPT (ExCPT).


When is registration for Pharmacy Technician required?

Registration must be obtained before the start of employment. However, you may work as a pharmacy technician applicant for a period of 180 days prior to being registered.


Is Pharmacy Technician licensure required in New Jersey?

Yes, pharmacy technicians are required to get a license in New Jersey.


What should I do to become a License Pharmacy Technician?

  • You have to be at least 18 years old or older.
  • Must have a high school diploma or its equivalent
  • Must be proficient in English both written and oral.
  • A written application requesting registration as a Pharmacy Technician at the New Jersey State Board of Pharmacy must be submitted.
  • Include payment of $50 for the application. Fees paid are non-refundable
  • You must include your recent passport-type photo.
  • You must be willing to submit to a criminal background check.
  • Don’t forget to answer the questions pertaining to citizenship, immigration status and good moral character in the application form.
  • The application must be notarized before submission


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Is training required for Pharmacy Technicians in New Jersey?

No, the State Board of Pharmacy in New Jersey does not require training to pharmacy technicians. However, it is the discretion of the employer to include in the job requirements for applicants to undergo training.


Are Pharmacy Technicians required to have a Continuing Education or CE?  

No, but if you are nationally certified, to maintain your certification you are required 20 units of continuing education every 2 years.


How often is the Pharmacy Technician License renewal required?

New Jersey License for Pharmacy Technicians must be renewed biennially with a renewal fee of $70. The renewal form will be sent to you by the board 60 days before the renewal date or you may download the form here.


What must be done if I change jobs or change my home address?

The New Jersey State Board of Pharmacy must be notified within 30 days in writing.


Other New Jersey Pharmacy Technician requirements to keep in mind:

  • New Jersey pharmacy technician’s certificate of registration must be displayed at a designated place in the pharmacy at all times.
  • Technicians must wear their nametag at all times during working hours to identify him or her as a pharmacy technician.
  • Pharmacy technicians can only perform pharmacy functions that do not require professional judgment and should not handle controlled substances.
  • The pharmacist-in-charge may supervise two pharmacy technicians in the pharmacy. The number may exceed the allowable 2 technicians if the technicians are certified by a board-approved program.
  • The pharmacy technician can manage the pharmacy for half an hour at a time while the pharmacist is on lunch break.



New Jersey Board of Pharmacy

Office:             124 Halsey St.. Newark, NJ 07101
Telephone:    973-504-6450 Fax: 973-648-3355

Professional Association for New Jersey Pharmacy Techs: 
New Jersey Pharmacists Association (NJPhA)